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Release v1.60.1

· One min read

Today we are releasing CannerFlow 1.60.1. This version contains new feature, namely Shared Tables, and updates of Incremental Materialized Views. Improvements on data sources were also considered.

New Features#

  • A new UI for creating Shared Tables is available in Workspace, offering more intuitive collaborations between departments. sharedTable.gif

  • Add "Auto Refresh Workbook" for Tableau publish. v1.56.1-auto-refresh-tableau.png

  • Attach invalid connection warnings to creating Tableau credentials.

  • Offer users to create Incremental Materialized View from View. incrementalView.gif

  • Support renaming Materialized Views for publish in Tableau server. v1.58.2-rename-tableau.png

  • Add Number Rounding options to Data Sources properties of Oracle.


  • Quick update and enhance performance for Tableau publish.
  • Enhance the performance and use SheetId to track the schema change for Google Sheet.
  • Fix status change for Materialized Views while scheduling.
  • SQL Explorer:
    • Fix minor bugs for query operating status.
  • Provide accurate error messages in Python Notebook.
  • Update cannerflow-python-client.