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Release v1.48.1

· One min read

Today we are releasing v1.48.1. It contains:

  • Incremental Materialized View UI enhancement.
  • Show SQL Query on Activity Log.
  • Release Pentaho Kettle (PDI) Plugin.
  • Some bugfixes.

New Features#

  • Show Incremental Materialized View properties on UI We show Source Table, Incremental Unique Key(s) & Incremental Key as properties on Materialized View UI. v1.48.1-mv-props.png

  • Show SQL Query on Activity Log v1.48.1-auditing-sql.png

  • Release Pentaho Kettle (PDI) Plugin Please check Pentaho Kettle CannerFlow Plugin document.

Notable Bugfixes#

  • Fix select array field directly in SQL.
  • Fix casting objectid from MongoDB to varbianry in Hive.
  • Fix Tableau Publish / Power BI Push Dataset rendering bug when we remove a materialized view.
  • Fix cluster-info API.
  • Fix table header and body are not aligned properly on SQL explorer page.